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In 2017 we launched a €5m Community Tourism Programme to support innovative projects, in local communities, that encourage healthy tourism. The Community Tourism Programme forms part of our Office of Healthy Tourism, and is available for projects that welcome tourism in new ways to strengthen communities, empower citizens, and preserve and promote local culture.

Airbnb is now accepting applications for innovative projects that drive healthy tourism. If you are an association or a public institution leading an innovative project in healthy tourism in Europe, you can apply for grants of up to €100 000 or for programmatic support.

What types of projects will Airbnb be interested in hearing about?

  • Placemaking: Creating, raising awareness and celebrating not-yet-trending destinations
  • Innovation: Re-imagining tourism and travel by sparking entrepreneurship and strengthening local economies
  • Festivals and Events: Preserving or celebrating local festivals and events while introducing them to a broader, appreciative audience

What are we looking for?

  • Projects must be located in the member states of The Council of Europe.
  • Partners must be non-profit agencies; charities; public-backed initiatives; research organisations or academic institutions; start-up accelerators; or community social groups
  • Partners must complete all planning, licensing and registration, and other requirements appropriately in order to ensure that their projects can proceed according to local and national regulations that may apply.

Learn all the criteria. We are only accepting applications from Europe at this time. 

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