Add your name to tell hotel executives and the AHLA to reject this extreme proposal and put people over profits.

Hotel executives want to destroy home sharing as we know it. Sign the petition and tell them to put people over profits.

Business Insider just reported that the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) has crafted “model” legislation that they are aggressively pushing to lawmakers across the country. Their extreme plan includes: 

  • a new $2,500 tax in order to become a host
  • a ban on home sharing when you’re out of town
  • invasive requirements that would force home sharing platforms to violate your privacy and mandate in-person inspections of your home by local bureaucrats

While $2,500 might not be a lot for big hotel corporations, that money means a lot to hosts and guests like you. Added up, the new tax means over $1.25 billion out of the pockets of regular folks who use home sharing to help cover their rent or mortgage, pay down student debt, save for a family vacation, supplement a fixed income, or to meet people from all over the world. 

Hotels may have deep pockets to fund big lobbying associations, but we have an incredible community of home sharers who have a powerful voice, too.

Add your name to tell hotel executives and the AHLA to reject this extreme proposal and put people over profits. 


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